Activity № 1: Management, administration and reporting project
The activity aims to provide the necessary human and technical resources for quality and lawful management of the project.
1. Forming a Project Management Team / PMT / 8 people – Director, Administrative Coordinator, Expert archaeologist, 2 Experts “Investment Control”, Technical Assistant, lawyers and accountants.
2. Administration through the implementation of planned activities in accordance with the project budget, schedule of activities, and project management with a focus on achieving the intended results.
3. Create an information and documentation system for the project. PMT prepares, collects and stores all project documentation.
4. Preparation of documentation and tendering for selection of contractors for the project.
5. Implementation of internal monitoring and control – PMT will monitor the progress of project activities, budget and schedule.

Activity № 2: Information and Publicity
The activity aims promoting the contribution of the EEA Financial Mechanism to protect the Thracian cultural heritage, in particular mounds Helvetia and Griffins for future generations and their socialization.
The following is provided:
Organizing and conducting public events – initial and final press conference;

Organizing and conducting ceremonies – a “groundbreaking” and the opening of the facility with organized transport and cocktail for guests;

Making and placing billboard;

Making and installing permanent explanatory plaque after project completion;

Making and installing information boards in front of the municipality of Kazanlak and IM Iskra;

Development and placement of tourist information signs (the entrance to the tombs) and nodes of the main roads in the city. Kazanlak;

Production of roll banner;

Posts on the project and local / regional media;

Posts on the draft national media;

Paid to local media reports for official ceremonies;

Publication of PR articles in electronic media;

Website project of Bulgarian and English containing information about the project, tombs Helvetia and Griffons, as well as other tombs in the region;

Sets flag of Bulgaria and the EU interior double wooden stand + spades;

Production of printed materials – brochures – 2 types and branded paper bags;

Making kits promotional materials;

Produce a video presenting the results achieved on the project and the rich Thracian heritage in the region.

Activity № 3: Implementation of construction and conservation and restoration works
The activity will be carried out by an external contractor selected under the LPP. The selected contractor for the construction work will do down in the technical design works and Construction and assembly works, which are described in BoQ and an integral part of this project proposal.
It will generally be carried out as follows:

1. Construction of the reception building – Foster building will serve as an information center and will serve visitors of Thracian mounds “Griffins”, “Helvetia” and “Shoushmanets.” The whole area around the reception building and two tombs will be cultivated will build a recreation area and a small parking lot.
2. Mound “Helvetia” – Construction of a permanent massive protective coating and implementation of reliable waterproofing over the tomb, installation date-loggers for temperature and humidity, building wiring and lighting, installing glazed metal platforms conditioning space and around the tomb and others. Conservation and restoration works are determined according to program for conservation and restoration project for CRW – complex conservation and restoration of plastic plaster decoration, conservation and restoration activities in the building, the decoration and flooring, removal of surface deposits and deferred to the surface crystallized salts and other.
3. Mound “Griffons” – The project envisages construction of a permanent protective coating and implementation of reliable waterproofing over the tomb, providing a permanent natural ventilation, installation date-loggers for temperature and humidity, placing the glazed metal platforms, building wiring and lighting and other. Conservation and restoration works are determined according to program for conservation and restoration project for CRW – consolidation of the blocks, cleaning of surface dirt, removal of crystal formations and more.

Activity № 4: Audit
The amount of the grant requested had to be carried out independent financial audit of the project by an external independent contractor selected under the LPP.
The Contractor shall exercise ongoing audit project, the preparation of interim requests for funds for the project will prepare interim audit reports, which will present its audit opinion on the legality of public procurement, which has payments included in the request. The interim audit reports contain opinion and accounting in the accounting system of the municipality of Kazanlak costs included in the request.
Final audit report will be prepared in the preparation of the final request for payment on the project. It will contain an audit opinion and the overall implementation of the project. Beneficiary Kazanlak Municipality provided the auditor full access to the necessary information.
In carrying out the audit selected contractor is governed by the Treaty grants.
Activities contributes to the fulfillment of any specific objectives and overall goal of the project, through which will contribute to achieving the purpose and procedure. The activity contributes to the transparency and control processes.

Activity № 5: Construction supervision
Within the activities of construction supervision will be provided services related to the supervision of the implementation of construction activities of the objects within the investment project, including supervising the lawful construction starts; completeness and proper preparation of acts and protocols during construction; the execution of the works in accordance with the approved investment projects and the requirements of Art. 169, para. 1 and par. 2 of the SPA; compliance to health and safety in construction; preventing damage to third persons and property due to construction; assess the accessibility of the building by persons with disabilities, in accordance with the law; assessment of energy efficiency in accordance with the law; control of construction products under Art. 169a para. 1 of the SPA in the performance of conformity assessment of investment projects and construction supervision; control documentation of all circumstances related to construction, such as transmission and reception of the construction site, construction and installation works to be close, intermediate and final acts of reception and transmission of construction works and others; Control of the suitability of the building / facility commissioning, achieving the design criteria for the warranty period of the entire facility; coordination of the construction process to the introduction of the construction / project into operation.
Upon completion of construction works, construction supervision will prepare a final report.

Activity № 6: Supervision
Within the activities of supervision will be done the following:
• supervision during the construction of the site within the investment project of the opening of the construction site to the authorization for use of the site;
• presence in compiling the required protocols and regulations during construction and in the case of establishment of proper project implementation certification at the invitation of the Contracting Authority;
• monitoring the implementation of the construction during the entire duration of the construction works to comply with the requirements of the designer, the exact observance of worked out by him investment project by all participants in the construction;
• reconciliation of changes (if necessary) in the project documentation at the request of the Employer or at the suggestion of the person exercising independent construction supervision;
• certification of the executive documentation for construction after the completion of the site.