About the project

Project “Conservation, restoration and socialization
of Thracian mounds “Helvetia” and “Griffins”
Beneficiary: Kazanlak Municipality
Partner: Historical museum “Iskra” – Kazanlak
Project duration in months: 25 months
Total project budget: EUR 1 419 614.43 (2 776 524.49 BGN)
100% grant
Territorial scope of the project: Kazanlak Municipality, property № 000 354 in the area of the town of Shipka

Valley of the Thracian Kings, located in the municipality of Kazanlak is the area famous for the many remarkable testimonies about the uniqueness of Thracian culture.
The realization of the project “Conservation, restoration and socialization of Thracian mounds “Helvetia” and “Griffins” will lead to conservation and socialization of part of the rich Thracian cultural heritage. The project will contribute to the restoration and preservation for future generations of two unique monuments of Thracian culture of national importance and will make them available for visits by citizens and tourists.
The project provides:
Construction of a reception building that serves as an information center and will serve visitors of Thracian mounds “Griffins”, “Helvetia” and “Shoushmanets. The area around the reception building and tombs will be cultivated and a recreation area and a small parking lot will be build.
Conservation, restoration and socialization of Thracian mounds “Helvetia” and “Griffins” includes: Construction of permanent protective coatings and waterproofing over the tomb, installation of date-loggers, building of wiring and lighting, space conditioning in and around the tomb “Helvetia”, placing the glazed metal platforms, conservation and restoration works and others.
The project realization will complement with two more objects the list of now restored and open to the public sites in the Valley of the Thracian Kings – Kazanlak Thracian Tomb (under the auspices of UNESCO), the tombs Kosmatka, Ostrusha, Kran II, Golyama Arsenalka, Shoushmanets (implemented a project for the conservation, restoration and socialization under the OPRD with beneficiary Ministry of culture), thus creating an integrated system of socialized monuments.
The project is aimed at the restoration and preservation of monuments of national importance for future generations and to ensure accessibility of the Thracian cultural heritage to the public from home and abroad and in this sense it is in line with:

The main objective of the program BG08
The objectives of the National Strategy for Regional Development of the Republic of Bulgaria for the period 2012-2022
The objectives of Measure 1
Objectives and priorities of Priority Area 4 of the EEA Financial Mechanism
Draft National Strategy for the Development of Culture
Regional Development Plan southeast Level 2 2014-2020
Regional development strategy of Stara Zagora 2014-2020
Municipal Development Plan of the municipality of Kazanlak 2014-2020
Program management Kazanlak Municipality 2011-2015