Kazanlak Tombs “Helvetia” and “Griffins” open doors for visitors after restoration

At the final press conference, opened by Tsvetolina Tsvetkova, Deputy Mayor “Humanitarian Policies”, the journalists were informed about the construction works and improvements for the restoration and modernization of the two mounds. Habibe Bogutlieva – Administrative Project Coordinator, Head of the “Strategic Planning and Projects” Department of the Municipality of Kazanlak and Eng. Kancho Hristov – Project Manager and Head of the “Investment Projects with External Financing” Department of the Municipality of Kazanlak presented the project activities. At the beginning of the reconstruction, Eng. Kancho Hristov described the project as “the largest in the region for the preservation of cultural heritage”. In the end, Mr. Hristov expressed his satisfaction with the right steps taken in the more global direction of the Kazanlak Municipality policy: “Creation of an Integrated System of Socialized Monuments of Culture”.

Thanks to the implemented activities of the project “Conservation, Restoration and Socialization of Thracian Mounds Helvetia” and “Grifoni”, a new reception building has already been built to serve as an information center for the visitors of the Thracian mounds “Griffins”, “Helvetia” and “Shushmanets”. Organic entry of the building into the natural environment was sought using the natural displacement of the terrain. The building is located below the surface, thus preserving the intact appearance of the place. The history of the Valley of the Thracian kings and information about the Thracian culture are provided through multimedia products, used by visitors of interactive multimedia screens. The two tombs and the reception building are connected by a pedestrian promenade and the whole area is ennobled. The complex has a recreation area and a small car park.

For the visitors in the past, Mr. Hristov reminded that the tombs were preserved with temporary protective structures from bad meteorological conditions and now they are replaced by permanent protective buildings and hidden waterproofing over burial chambers. Data loggers have been installed, electrical installation and lighting, air conditioning of the space in and around the Helvetia tomb, which is being performed for the first time in Bulgaria.

In addition to the main activities, glazed metal platforms with telescopic legs are also being constructed to prevent damage to authentic floor screed. In parallel, there are also built-up communications, providing the fire protection and the normal functioning of the whole complex, video surveillance is also envisaged.

The project “Conservation, Restoration and Socialization of Thracian Mounds” Helvetia and Griffoni is financed by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014 under the BG08 Program “Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Arts”, Measure 1 “Restoration, renovation and preservation of the cultural Heritage “. Beneficiary is the Municipality of Kazanlak with a partner in the project – Historical Museum “Iskra”, Kazanlak. The total value of the project is EUR 1 419 614,43 or BGN 2 776 524,49 VAT incl., representing 100% grant under the Grant Agreement No. 24-10M1-18 / 22.04.2015. The project will be implemented in the period Until 30.04.2017

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