The restored and socialized Thracian tombs “Helvetia” and “Griffins” were opened for the public with an official opening ceremony and a holy water blessing ceremony. The Mayor of Kazanlak Municipality Galina Stoyanova hosted the celebrations and the official guests were Stara Zagora District Governor Veska Shosheva, Deputy District Governors, Nikolay Zlatanov – Chairman of the Municipal Council – Kazanlak, the famous archaeologist Prof. Nikolay Ovcharov, representatives of the municipal and regional administration, Institutes in the region, Kazanlak and their guests from the country.

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The Mayor of Kazanlak honored the work of the project “Conservation, restoration and socialization of Thracian mounds” Helvetia and Grifoni: “Tell to people about the project, advertise it because there is something to be proud of”, appealed Galina Stoyanova. She thanked everyone involved with the successful realization of the perfect architectural vision, which in no way undermines the artifacts, but guarantees their protected use and exposure: “The project creates a vision that only rounds out the Valley of the Thracian Kings with the construction and at the same time exposes Valley in a way that should be done today. ” Stoyanova recalled the 73rd anniversary of the opening of the Thracian tomb in Kazanlak, the first Bulgarian cultural monument protected by UNESCO, and how the Municipality of Kazanlak presents the other part of the Thracian heritage – the tombs of Helvetia and Griffins.

With thanks, the Mayor of Kazanlak turned to the architects of the project Petkana Bakalova and Petar Petrov, key partners for the overall vision from the beginning more than two years ago, to the management of the project, in the face of Mr. Kancho Hristov and the team from Kazanlak Municipality.  Galina Stoyanova summarized: “I believe that all who were part of the project activities are convinced that everything done here is what Dr. Georgi Kitov wanted it to look like, and all heirs who will run this Valley. ”

After a a holy water blessing ceremony, served by Father Ivan from the St. Prophet Elijah Cathedral in Kazanlak, the band of the renovated “Helvetia” and “Griffins” was symbolically cut for the first visitors and future tourists.

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The project “Conservation, Restoration and Socialization of Thracian Mounds” Helvetia and Griffoni is financed by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014 under the BG08 Program “Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Arts”, Measure 1 “Restoration, renovation and preservation of the cultural Heritage “. Beneficiary is the Municipality of Kazanlak with a partner in the project – Historical Museum “Iskra”, Kazanlak. The total value of the project is EUR 1 419 614,43 or BGN 2 776 524,49 with VAT, representing 100% grant under the Grant Agreement No. 24-10M1-18 / 22.04.2015. The project will be implemented in the period Until 30.04.2017

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