The official ceremony launched the construction works of the project

The official ceremony in the village of Shipka, near the mounds launched the construction works of the project “Conservation, restoration and socialization of Thracian mounds “Helvetia” and “Griffins.”

IMG_1745Mayor of Kazanlak Galina Stoyanova wished the project team to be serious guardians of tradition, the tourists – after the end of the works to feel comfortable and calm in these unique historical places.
Galina Stoyanova underlined the hard work of Kazanlak Municipality of registering more cultural and historical sites of the Valley of the Thracian Kings in the UNESCO world heritage: “Applications are already submitted to UNESCO. The procedure depends only on them. “- Said Ms. Stoyanova and wished” Good luck!” to the project.
In the presence of representatives of the National Coordination Unit in the Council of Ministers, Ministry of Culture, municipal councilors, mayors and deputy mayors of cities of Kazanlak Municipality and representatives of the teams – contractors of the project was celebrated solemn ceremony for a success.
During the initial press conference were presented separate stages and details of upcoming construction and restoration activities. “The goal of the project” Conservation, restoration and socialization of Thracian mounds “Helvetia” and “Griffins” is the restoration and preservation for future generations and ensuring the accessibility of rich Thracian cultural heritage of the municipality of Kazanlak. “- Summed Habibe Bogutlieva – Administrative Project Coordinator and Head – department “Strategic planning and projects” in Kazanlak Municipality.
She explained that the project totaling 2 776 524.49 BGN VAT incl. – 100% grant. It was approved by Contract № 24-10M1-18 / 22.04.2015, the beneficiary is the Kazanlak Municipality, in partnership with the Historical Museum ,,Iskra” – Kazanlak. Implementation deadline on 30/04/2017
The project is financed by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014 Programme BG 08 “Cultural heritage and contemporary arts,” Measure 1 “Restoration, renovation and preservation of cultural heritage.”
Eng.Kancho Hristov – Project Manager and Head of Department “Investment projects with external financing” in Kazanlak Municipality determine the new project as “the largest in our region in terms of protection of cultural heritage.” “Our big specific objective is to create an integrated system of socialized monuments of culture.”, said eng.Hristov.
The project envisages the construction of permanent protective coatings, waterproofing, restoration and conservation of the two Thracian mounds “Helvetia” and “Griffins.” Activities include installation of a date-loggers, building wiring and lighting, space conditioning in and around the tomb “Helvetia”, placing the glazed metal platforms, conservation and restoration works and others. Building of reception building is planned. That will serve as an information center for visitors to the three Thracian mounds “Griffins”, “Helvetia” and “Shoushmanets” (previously funded by OPRD with beneficiary Ministry of Culture). The area around the reception and tombs will be cultivated, a recreation area and a small parking lot will be build. Contractors of different activities have already been selected. These are the companies: “PSP” Ltd. – for construction work, “Architecture and Heritage” Ltd. – activities under supervision and “Rubicon” EnAr1 – construction supervision. The construction site was opened on April 8, this year.
“Helvetia” and “Griffins” were discovered almost 20 years ago and are subjected to the devastating impact of climate change – there are many traces of moisture, mold, crystallization and others. The lack of restoration and conservation work entails risks to their complete destruction. Friendly method that will be reimbursed aims to maximize natural convergence of restored cultural and historical sites to the existing environment. Construction and rehabilitation project activities will be monitored throughout by a team of archaeologists from the Museum of History – Kazanlak, together with scientists from BAS, who can react in case of discovered trove.
Thracian mound tombs “Helvetia”, “Griffins” and “Shoushmanets” dated in the IV century BC. They are spaced 100-150 meters apart and form a unique complex, part of the cultural heritage of Bulgaria and the world.

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